Join us, as many in the food recovery industry culminate to discuss to the barriers and successes, and how you can contribute to furthering the industry.  With over 200 representatives from all sectors, this will be a great opportunity to connect with current and potential customers. 


ACT has been building state of the art, yet simple to use composting systems for over 10 years, over 100 systems installed in NC alone.  Most of our systems are for animal mortality composting of poultry (chickens and turkeys), swine, bovine (dairy cows in VA) and even road kill for the Department of Transportation.  In addition to our optimum facilities for animal mortality, we have successfully built systems for industrial food waste and animal manure. Our turnkey process design is comprehensive throughout the construction.  The technology is innovative, the science is conclusive and we provide operational guidelines for a successful installation of a compost facility for your needs.


BE New Organic Worlddelivers sensible, sustainable organic waste solutions at home and abroad.

Commercial, Institutional and Residential Communities rely on Professional Consulting & Design provided by   BE N.O.W.  Partnering with Vertal USA, we proudly promote state- of –the- art, CityPod In-Vessel System for onsite compost solutions. We enthusiastically collaborate on projects with Sustainable Resources Group (SRG) in ‘making sustainability a Profitable Reality’

Whether in an urban or agricultural setting… Discover how BE N.O.W. may be of service to you.                                                                                                                                  Our ’green’ solutions may be just the right fit for a Better Bottom Line - 3P’s !    

People ~ Planet ~ Profit… It’s ALL Good!  


BioBag is the world’s largest brand of certified compostable bags and films. Their bags assist communities, residents and businesses with the collection of food and lawn waste for composting. They have worked with numerous haulers, composters, and government agencies to start, promote and maintain composting programs including providing custom bags and free bins for new pilots. BioBag strongly supports the use of GMO free certified crops. BioBag products meet ASTM-D6400 specifications. BioBag products include: bags from 2 to 96+ gallon for the collection of organic waste for composting, films for packaging and agriculture and customized products for retail and commercial businesses.

Brown Industrial has been manufacturing for the recycling industry for more than 65 years and is a leader in organic waste collection systems. Bodies, trailers and rolloffs are available in aluminum, steel and stainless steel. Popular options include automatic wash systems, power washers, weight systems and cameras as well as the ability to adapt to any size container.
  Coca-Cola is dedicated to increasing recycling as part of our commitment to making a positive, lasting difference in the communities we serve.  Through redesigning the way we work and live, we consider sustainability as part of everything we do. As we act with an eye toward future generations, we will focus on driving business growth and creating a more sustainable world.  The Coca-Cola Company is the world's largest beverage company, refreshing consumers with more than 500 sparkling and still brands. 

Earth Farms is a Food Waste Recycling and Compost Facility serving the greater Charlotte Area. Healthy Organic soil amendment is produced from a waste product and marketed to our agriculture and landscape industry to provide a healthier solution for our plant’s needs.
  Eco-Products is the leading brand of single-use foodservice packaging made with renewable resources and post-consumer recycled content. We are a mission-driven organization, using environmentally preferable foodservice packaging as a means to advance Zero Waste practices and to raise awareness of the connections between the products we use, the materials they are made with, and what happens to them at the end of their lives.
  EcoSafe distributes a range of "best in class" certified compostable bags and recycling containers designed for zero waste programs in homes and commercial operations.  
EcoSafe adds value by providing after sales support, marketing, materials, signage, and distributor training and education. They will assist you in building a customized program to achieve your Zero Waste goals.         
Ecoverse is committed to delivering effective solutions to customers that will increase their bottom line. The pursuit of innovative components led Ecoverse in late 2013 to acquire the Harvest Quest Catalyst, which dramatically reduces the time it takes for material to compost. Well known for their MSAP process, the Harvest Quest compost Catalyst improves efficiency and lowers operating costs across a range of compost applications and is particularly effective in the processing of food wastes and bio-solids.
  EnviroPure by T&S is a revolutionary new food waste elimination system that is self-contained, continual feed, organic waste disposal systems designed to solve the environmental, operational and economic problems of dealing with food waste. We’ve had great success
with all commercial food applications.


Delhaize Group has committed their company to building sustainability into private brand products, reducing waste, promoting healthier living and employing a divers group of associates that reflect their values and communities. Delhaize Group is a food retailer headquartered in Belgium which operates in seven countries and on three continents. The principal activity of Delhaize Group is the operation of food supermarkets, most widely known as Food Lion.           


NATH Sustainable Solutions provides consulting services implementing cutting edge sustainable solutions to divert organic from landfill to universities, colleges, schools, hotels, nursing homes, corporate cafeterias, hospitals, supermarkets, prisons, among other organizations. Our main focus is to help our clients understand the facts, the consequences and the solutions to treat food & oil waste onsite. We advise our clients on implementing solutions that will help reach their environmental and corporate social responsibility targets, reduce carbon dioxide emissions and provide environmental stewardship with clients, suppliers and communities served.


Natur-Tec® manufactures Natur-Bag® compostable liners and Natur-Ware® biobased and compostable cutlery.  Natur-Bag liners are used for the collection of food scraps and other organic waste for home, community, and industry composting. Natur-Ware cutlery is made from annually renewable resources, using 96% less carbon than cutlery from traditional plastics enabling you to reduce your carbon footprint. Both Natur-Bag and Natur-Ware are certified compostable by the BPI and will integrate seamlessly in zero-ware and organic diversion programs.

  SMART Recycling is partnering with local stores, restaurants, and schools to help educate and train in our composting program.  We started in Charleston, SC and are working to reach everywhere in the country, and hopefully, the world.  Landfills are becoming a big issue. With our carts and training we hope to prevent as much organic material from winding up in landfills as possible.  

Rehrig Pacific Company, for 100 years, has believed that it is vital to provide their customers with products that give them a real advantage. Their goal is always to deliver sustainable products and services that creatively increase handling efficiencies and provide an excellent return on investment for their customers.


Exhibitor Information

The cost of exhibits include only 6' table top exhibits and chairs. Exhibits spaces will be assigned by November 1st. The program schedule has attendees in the exhibit hall for two breakfasts, four breaks and two receptions. Additional representatives that will be assisting with exhibition can register as a Second Exhibitor, at a reduced rate. Please see the exhibit hall layout below.

Exhibit Hall Layout

For shipping details and electrical needs, please use the form provided below.

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