Economic Impact Reports on Recycling

SERDC has compiled a list of various reports focused on the economic impacts of recycling in the Southeast.  It is easy to see that the recycling industry has a great impact on the economies of the southeastern states.

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The Evolution of Mixed Waste Processing Facilities 1970-Today


Economic Impact of Recycling in Alabama and Opportunities for Growth 2012
Alabama Recycling Partnership Analysis 2016


State of Recycling in Arkansas, 2008:


2000 Recycling Economic Information Report

Solid Waste Management Florida 2013 Annual Report 


Statewide Waste Characterization Study, 2005

Georgia Recycling Coalition, Made in Georgia


Recycling Industry Economic Profile KY 2008


2006 Recycling Task Force Report to Legislature

North Carolina

2020 Recycling Employment Study

N.C. Department of Environment and Natural Resources State Report: North Carolina sets record for lowest disposal rate.

Updated in 2020, the periodic Employment Trends in North Carolina's Recycling Industry study quantifies the impacts of recycling on jobs in North Carolina and points to the economic importance of continuing and expanding recycling programs across the state

Made in North Carolina: Recycled-Content Products Help Fuel the State's Economy
While manufacturing jobs in the state have declined from 817,300 in 1994 to 577,400 in 2004, recycling jobs in the state have increased 60 percent from 8,700 to 14,000 during the same 10-year period. The activities of a number of companies in this thriving sector of the state’s economy are highlighted in this publication. The companies profiled in “Made in North Carolina,” are actively ensuring that manufacturing stays a part of North Carolina’s economic future.

Recycling Means Business!  The Impact of Recycling on North Carolina's Economy
This document provides a snapshot of the many faces of North Carolina’s recycling industry. The 42 companies featured here are just a few of the literally hundreds of recycling firms in the state, demonstrating the idea that protecting the environment and creating jobs can be accomplished together. What’s good for the planet can also be good for the economy, and North Carolina’s recycling companies are poised to make North Carolina a national leader in making it happen.


South Carolina

South Carolina Solid Waste Management Annual Report for Fiscal Year

SC Economic Impact Study Revision 2014

South Carolina Recycling Economic Impact Study 2014

Economic Impact of Recycling Industry in South Carolina 2006


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