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The Southeast is unique in its access to robust recycling markets. 

Mapping Demand for Recycled Content Material

Recycling isn’t just about smart use of natural resources, it’s about delivering valuable commodities to some of our most important businesses. In a 2010 study, SERDC determined that over 200 key Southeastern manufacturers look to recycled feedstock to develop new consumer goods. When communities invest in local recycling collection programs, they’re supporting regional manufacturers who depend on recycled plastic, glass, metal, and paper to make new consumer goods. These manufacturers collectively support more than 47,525 employees and see a sales volume towering more than $29.4 billion.

Click here to see SERDC's interactive map of manufacturers who depend on recycling.

Made possible in part by grants from EPA Region 4 and ADECA.

Understanding State by State Demand for Recycled Materials

These one-page PDFs are summaries of the findings for the region, and state.  Please click to open the attached report.

Understanding the Job Creation Driven by Recycling

SERDC has produced a series of articles for each Region 4 State outlining the creation of jobs generated by recycling.  Please click to open the attached article.

North Carolina
South Carolina

Recycling Factsheets

Understanding Local Recycling Markets
Outlining a Successful Recycling Program
Recycling Collection & Processing Equipment Needs
Boosting Participation for Effective Economics

Tools to Support Community Collection Programs

Economic Reports: Several states have tools to gauge recycling's economic impact on their state.  These tools can help bolster community decision maker's support.

State Market Directories: State recycling market directories help producers and users of recyclable materials tap into the most effective markets.

State Waste Exchanges: Waste exchanges help to place less traditional commodities.

For more information about the specifics, please contact SERDC Executive Director, Will Sagar

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